Unique Donkey Walks in the Algarve

Enjoy a unique donkey walk in beautiful nature.

All our walks and are ideal for adults and young nature lovers alike and always accompanied by our whole donkey family. All our donkeys are very friendly and kind and always a bit cheeky with each other, which is always very funny. And because they always walk completely free with us, you can also observe the donkeys' natural behaviour and be very surprised at all the incredible things they like to do and to eat.



Experience an enjoyable and relaxing time

Have a good time on a unique donkey walk in the stunning canyons of the Monchique Mountains in the step of a donkey, strolling along beautiful paths, crossing small streams and enjoying the scent of aromatic herbs. We also hear the sounds of nature and catch a glimpse of bees, deer, wild boar, eagles and other wild animals.
For many people this is the highlight of their vacation!

Walks & Donations:

One of the ways we fund our donkey sanctuary is by offering unique walks with our free-roaming happy donkey family of 5 in magnificent natural surroundings. We currently offer four different donkey walks and are grateful for the following donations:


1 hour walk  – Have fun with the Happy-Donkeys:


Distance: about 1 kilometer in a beautiful gorge nearby with beautiful old oaks and abandoned dwellings.

25€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 10€ and up to 16 years 15€.


2 hour walk – The short version of the 3 hours walk:


Distance: about 2.6 Kilometers

A beautiful circular trail in the Monchique Mountains, shaded by eucalyptus trees. Breathtaking views of the Monchique River Valley and the surrounding mountains! 

35€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 12,50€ and up to 16 years 17,50€.


3 hour walk – Amazing Donkey Wildlife Walk to a peaceful valley:

Distance: 5.7 kilometers

A beautiful circular trail in a lovely landscape. We walk over gentle hills through a fragrant eucalyptus forest into an abandoned valley with two old ruins and former farmland that has been reclaimed by nature. An absolutely peaceful walk on which you only hear natural sounds. Pure relaxation and enjoyment!

2 times we cross the clean Monchique River! Easy crossing. 

45€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 15€ and up to 16 years 20€. 


Half day walk  –  Amazing Donkey Wildlife Walk to a peaceful valley #2:

Distance: 7,2 kilometers

This walk is a longer version of our 3 hours walk. If you like to spend a lot of time with the Happy-Donkeys, this is the right walk for you. All walks are easy going!

55€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 17,50€ and up to 16 years 25€.


Please bring good shoes, sun protection and enough drinking water for you!

Donations for the walks and visits in cash after your walk or visit please!

Daily Walks all year around available.


Minimum 2 adults per walk. We offer a discount for groups (6+ adults)!

!!!Riding only available for children under the age of 5 and under 20 kilos!!!

The most important thing 😇

Donkeys love carrots and those who give them.

You are welcome to bring as much carrots as you like.  It's always great fun to feed the donkeys 😀.


At the Happy-Donkeys Sanctuary animal welfare is #1

The respect of the natural needs from our donkey family is very important for us. We let them run free in the wilderness as much as possible. Due to this they are at the not available for visits at our sanctuary, but happy in the forest. Thank you for understanding!




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