Welcome to Happy Donkeys!

The little private Donkey Sanctuary in the Algarve offers you:


A Unique Experience in nature with truly Happy Donkeys! If you look for something very special, this is the right place for you!


Enjoy All Year Round a beautiful donkey walk with the whole donkey family in the beautiful Monchique mountains in the Algarve, Portugal. The Sanctuary Happy Donkeys is a non-profit project that fights for the rights of donkeys and gives them a good home where they can lead a happy life.


Find Out More about me and my donkey project on these websites. You can also find us on Tripadvisor (very soon) & Google Maps.


Befriend us on Facebook and take a look at photos of our walks. You can find us under the following names:

Camaron Lucia Roberto (spanish - lots of photos)

Calufi Frelu (english - some photos)

Unique Donkey Walks Algarve (english- about the walks)


Our channel on Youtube: Donkey Dundee Algarve