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Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Happy-Donkeys, where animal welfare meets breathtaking nature!

Experience the joy of connecting with lovely donkeys on a fun-filled walk through the stunning Monchique Mountains. Immerse yourself in nature, embrace the spirit of these gentle creatures, and create long lasting memories.

Welcome to Happy-Donkeys, a little private donkey sanctuary in the beautiful Algarve.

We're dedicated to providing a natural life for our special family of five lovely donkeys. When not on a walk with us, they roam freely in hundreds of hectares of wild eucalyptus woods. That's what makes them truly happy and why it is possible to offer unique walks in nature surrounded by free roaming donkeys.

Join us for one of our unique walks in nature, accompanied by these beautiful and playful creatures. See the joy of their company as they explore the beautiful surroundings alongside you.

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Riding for children under 5 years! Cuddles and hugs for everyone 😀

Make memories that last!


Get ready for a day filled with fun, love, and cuddles with our Happy-Donkeys family.


Take unforgettable selfies with these funny characters and create lasting memories.

Upgrade your experience with professional photos or a heartwarming video.
(Ask about it when booking!)

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If you wish, book your unique donkey walk today and discover the magic of the Happy-Donkeys!


Befriend us on Facebook. You can find us under the following names:

Camaron Lucia Roberto - (profile - lots of photos)

Unique Donkey Walks Algarve - (english- about the walks)


Our channel on Youtube: Happy-Donkeys Sanctuary Algarve

Instagram: happy_donkeys_algarve