Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How to find us?

The Happy Donkeys Sanctuary is located in between Monchique and Alferce in the Algarve, Portugal.

Please check our Contact page for the GPS coordinates.


How much does it cost?

Us plenty, but we do it with lots of love 🥰 

The price for you depends on the walk you wish to do!

Please follow this link: Unique Donkey Walks and have a look under the second photo.


How do I book a donkey walk?

Please use the form on our contact page to book a donkey tour.


How do I Donate for the donkey walk?

After you have enjoyed your walk and in cash (Euro) please.


Can I Do a donkey walk on my own if I Donate for two?

Yes, you are welcome.


What happens, if I have to cancel the donkey walk I booked?

Please let us know as early as possible, if you have to cancel your donkey tour. However, if you cancel at the last minute, we would appreciate a kind donation.


When are the donkey walks available?

Our unique donkey walks are available daily all year round.


Can I bring my children?

Yes, all our tours are suitable for children, but please keep in mind the condition of your child.
If your child is used to activities in nature, also very young children can be on our longer walks.

If not, the 1 or the 2 hours walk are the right ones.


How many donkeys are part of the walk?

On all of our tours the whole donkey family joins in. So you will be accompanied by no less than 5 donkeys.


Can I ride the donkeys?

We practice real donkey welfare and due to this children up to 5 years and under 20 kilos are allowed to ride where it is safe.

Luckily we see that children like very much to be and interact with the donkeys and make a real connection. Be surprised 😀

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but donkeys can be a bit funny with them. Due to this it is not recommendable to bring dogs.


Which languages do you speak?

At Happy Donkeys we are multilingual. Walks are available in German, English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.


Can we bring something to feed the donkeys?

Yes, you are welcome. The donkeys love to get carrots and totally dry bred or carobs and will be thankful if you think about them 😇