Why it is good to support us:

Happy-Donkeys is a little private donkey sanctuary with bigger goals.

All beginnings are...

It all started with an abused donkey. It was immediately clear that I wanted to offer the poor donkey the best possible life. Soon other donkeys came along.

As I didn't own any land and the conditions changed several times, we were on several places with different sizes and landscapes, which taught me a lot about the needs of donkeys. Once we were on a small place, about 2 hectares, where the donkeys did not feel comfortable at all because of the lack of space. We also lived twice in nature parks where the donkeys had over 1000 hectares at their disposal. They were really happy there and it was a pleasure to see. Did you know that donkeys are nomadic by nature? So it could be considered cruel to keep donkeys confined in small areas. I know, few people have the opportunity to offer their donkeys so much land. At the moment, I am not in a position to do so either. But I am very much looking forward to doing so again.

Current state: 

At the moment we are on a very beautiful property, surrounded by cork oaks and with a clean stream, which belongs to very lovely people. We take the donkeys for a walk almost every day for a few hours, so that they can at least partially live out their natural needs. Since the donkeys cannot live only on nature, as they did before in the nature parks, I am forced to buy additional feed. Normally the donkeys only get straw. I don't think this is good. Because with such a diet the coat becomes dull and every expert knows what that means, namely a lack of vitamins and minerals. We have ordered good and natural hay from wild herbs. Of course, this is much more expensive than straw.


Why I ask for donations:

Until recently it looked as if this year would not be so bad. Last year we also had to suffer a lot from Covid's restrictions, but we made it through with some good support.

Now the Covid numbers are going up again and Portugal has been declared a risk area again, which means that suddenly almost all bookings of our donkey walks for the next month and a half have been cancelled. This is making such a big hole in the feed and medical supply funds, that without help it is impossible to cover the costs. - This year we still have to pay the dentist, about 300€, the feed costs about 1500€ and the fly repellent costs over 300€. We ask very much for your support and are very happy to give you back something good.


With your donation you do some really good:

You are not only supporting the welfare of the Happy Donkeys, but you are also directly or indirectly doing something for yourself. In addition to donkey protection, nature conservation is also a major concern.

With the enthusiasm of many long-time supporters, the Happy Donkeys will be visitable at a very special place again in the future. A large valley with a clean torrent, surrounded by forested mountains and good air, in a peaceful tranquillity - without machine noise or endless dog barking, where the donkeys can once again live in maximum freedom. There will also be a visitor centre there for true nature lovers and conservationists. You can not only visit us there, but also live with us for a while, enjoy a really great nature holiday and take part in the whole Happy Donkeys project.

A video documentation is in the works.

How you can donate:

If you wish you can send us money via PayPal or regular bank transfer.
If you would like to make a donation, please enter “Donkey Donation” in the reference field.
If you would like to adopt a donkey, please enter “Adoption” and the name of the donkey in the reference field.

Details of our Happy Donkeys bank account in Portugal:

Robert Fritz Helmut Nestmann
Banco CTT
IBAN: PT50 01930 0001 0500 6941 8667


We are looking forward to meeting you and making you happy!