Happy-Donkeys is a little private donkey sanctuary.

Before the Covid outbreak we were doing very well, thanks to two German TV stations, who published documentaries about our Happy Donkeys shelter, we had a lot of guests coming to our walks, which gave us the means to finance our donkey home and even save some money for hard times


Nevertheless things changed as covid is still very much present.


Hopefully things will improve as times go by and things will return to normal.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon 😀

How and for what you can donate:

There is a lot of work and costs involved in keeping the donkeys well and happy.

We treat our donkeys like family, feeding them 4 times a day good quality hay, daily cleaning their hooves, once a year they are seen by a dentist and during the summer, due to the increase number of flies, we need to order fly repellent and spray them twice a day. 

Also, to keep the area clean, there is a lot of hard work and we would like to offer the opportunity for a young local student to earn a little bit of money and learn about the animals but at the moment we don't have the means.


If wish to help us, you can adopt a donkey or make a donation.


Please find our bank details or PayPal below:


Robert Fritz Helmut Nestmann

Banco CTT


IBAN: PT50 01930 0001 0500 6941 8667




All the best, 

The Happy-Donkeys Team

Cameron, Lucia, Josefina, Frederico, Luisa & Robert & Claudia