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Happy-Donkeys is a little private donkey sanctuary.

Before the Covid outbreak we were doing very well. Thanks to two German TV stations, who published documentaries about our Happy Donkeys shelter, we had a lot of guests coming to our walks, which gave us the means to finance our donkey home and even save some money for hard times


Nevertheless things changed as covid is still very much present.


Hopefully things will improve as times go by and things will return to normal.


But it doesn't looks like so.

How and for what you can donate:

On the site >About the Project< I have revealed our plans for the future.

You can be part of the Happy-Donkeys Project as you wish, many opportunities are available. Feel free to ask please!


If you wish you are welcome to support us financially, but also with donations in kind or help in publicizing the Happy Donkeys project so that it becomes better known.
The Happy-Donkeys project is a non-profit project and the more it is supported the more everyone can benefit from it. 

Are you good at social media, a filmmaker or a writer? Or would you like to help us build the new place by helping with construction or gardening? Or you have other good ideas that should be integrated into the project? I am happy to see many people join in to create a really good thing for our planet and us. I know that may sound a little childish, but I have seen that this can work very well. And we can do this too!


What is needed most?


The donkeys are always doing well with me and lack nothing, except more freedom. However, they can never have too much of that 😀.


During the forest fires in 2018, all the saddles were burned as well.

We are urgently looking for pack saddles and saddle bags that are comfortable for the donkeys. Andalusian saddles would be best as they are flexible. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, even if used.


If you would like to support us financially:


The bank details are:


Robert Fritz Helmut Nestmann

Banco CTT


IBAN: PT50 01930 0001 0500 6941 8667





All the best in the name of the Happy-Donkeys Team,