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Enjoy a unique donkey walk in one of the most beautiful areas of the Serra de Monchique in the Algarve, Portugal. For adults and young nature lovers alike!

Walk with a herd of five donkeys: Cameron & Lucia, Josefina and the two youngest, Frederico & Luisa.
All of them are very friendly, well trained and kind to children and adults.





Experience an enjoyable and relaxing time in the stunning mountains of Monchique at the pace of a donkey, strolling through beautiful paths and crossing small streams or ascending to the top of Picota mountain, where you will be rewarded by a magnificent view over a huge part of the Algarve. We also hear the sounds of nature and catch a glimpse of bees, deers, wild boars, turtles and other wild animals.
May this be also the highlight of your holyday!





Walks & Donations



One of the ways we finance our donkey shelter is to offer unique walks with our happy donkeys. We currently offer five different donkey walks and are grateful for the following donations:
1 hour walk  – Have fun with the donkeys and enjoy the view:

Distance: 1 till 2 kilometers or even less, depending how quick or tranquil you like to walk!
15€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 5€ and up to 16 years 7,50€.

2 hour walk – Accompany the donkeys to a beautiful lake in the Picota foothills:

Distance: 4,26 Kilometers
25€ per adult, children up to 12 years 7,50€ and up to 16 years 12,50€.*
3 hour walk – Discover a beautiful lake and ancient ruins in the Picota foothills:

Distance: 5.32 kilometers
30€ per adult, children up to 12 years 10€ and up to 16 years 15€. *

Half day walk  –  Have a good time surrounded by nature with magnificant views in the middle region of the Picota mountain or in the canyons of foothills:

Distance: 7,27 kilometers
35€ per adult, children up to 12 years 12,50€ and up to16 years 17,50€.*

Full day walk – This walk leads up to the top of the Picota mountain. Enjoy the magnificent landscape and have a nice picnic:

Distance: 12,88 kilometers
45€ per adult, children up to 12 years 15€ and up to 16 years 22,50€.*

* Probably not recommended for children under the age of 5, depending on how much activities you do!

Daily Walks all year around available. Best is to book 2 or 3 days in advance!

But you may have luck to get a walk at the same day you enquire.

Minimum 2 adults per walk, full day walk 4 adults minimum. Visit our contact page to book a walk.

We offer a discount for groups (6+ adults)!


!!!Riding only for children under the age of 6 and under 25 kilos!!!



To get to our location, please klick here

Special benefits of our Donkey Walks:

Reconnect with nature on our unique donkey walks! Life in modern civilization disconnects us more and more from nature, which can lead to unhappiness or even illness.  

As you might know, donkeys have been used for generations in therapies for mental and physical disorders for children, adults and elders alike and in general for deep relaxation.

What is so unique about our donkey walks:
In most cases, donkey therapies take place in a fenced area, but with us you can experience the healing power of the donkeys walking through the beautiful nature surrounded by old trees and wild animals. Inhale the clean air of the Picota mountain, which is constantly enriched by the essential oil of the eucalyptus tree, smell aromatic herbs or take a rest under old cork oaks or willows.
Meditate by the healing springs of Fonte Santa/Fornalha or on the top of the Picota mountain.

Our healing donkey walks are perfect for:

  • Everyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing time in nature.
  • Everyone who wants to show their children happy donkeys and beautiful nature.
  • Everyone who wants to experience the healing energy of calm donkeys and mother nature.



Some photos for You: