Donkey Walks & Visits

Enjoy a unique donkey walk or visit in one of the most beautiful areas of the Algarve in Portugal, close to the pittoresk mountain village Monchique. The walks and visits are ideal for adults and young nature lovers alike!

Walk with a herd of five donkeys or meet them on a very nice place: Cameron & Lucia, Josefina and the two youngest, Frederico & Luisa.
Have a lot of fun with all of them, they are very friendly and cute to all children and adults and always a bit naughty amongst themselves.





Experience an enjoyable and relaxing time in the stunning canyons of the Monchique mountains at the pace of a donkey, strolling through beautiful paths, crossing small streams and get the smell of aromatic herbs. We also hear the sounds of nature and catch a glimpse of bees, deers, wild boars, eagles and other wild animals.
This is the holiday highlight for many people!



Walks, Visits & Donations



One of the ways we finance our donkey sanctuary is to offer absolutely unique walks with our happy donkey family. We currently offer four different donkey walks and  appreciate the following donations:


1 hour walk  – Have fun with the Happy-Donkeys:


Distance: 1 till 2 kilometers or even less, depending on how quick or tranquil you like to walk!

20€ per adult, children up to 3 years free; up to 12 years 5€ and up to 16 years 10€.


2 hour walk – To an old bridge of the Monchique river:


Distance: about 2.6 Kilometers

A beautiful walk on a backroad to the Monchique river. We see old farmland, an oak tree alee and the Monchique river. Stunning views! 

30€ per adult, children up to 12 years 10€ and up to 16 years 15€.


3 hour walk – Amazing Donkey Wildlife Walk to a peaceful valley:

Distance: 5.7 kilometers

A beautiful circular route with magnificent views. We walk over gentle hills  into an abandoned valley with two old ruins and see old farmland, recovered by nature in a dense eucalyptus forest with a delicious smell. Absolutely peaceful walk! Only natural noises. Relaxing pure!

2 times we cross the clean Monchique river! Easy crossing. 

40€ per adult, children up to 12 years 15€ and up to 16 years 20€. *


Half day walk  –  Amazing Donkey Wildlife Walk to a peaceful valley #2:

Distance: 7,2 kilometers

This walk is a longer version of our 3 hours walk. If you like to spend a lot of time with the Happy-Donkeys, this is the right walk for you. All walks are easy going!

50€ per adult, children up to 12 years 17,50€ and up to 16 years 25€. *

Visits - You are also welcome to visit the Happy-Donkeys family.

Usually the visits takes around one hour. We show you the area where the donkeys live and meet them on a nice terrace with an old cork oak tree, where you can interact with the donkeys, cuddle them and take unforgettable photos of them with you. You are able to sample our fresh healing water from our mountain spring.

10€ per adult, children up to 3 years free, up to 12 years 2,50€ and up to 16 years 5€

Please note that visits are only possible by appointment, as our daily walks are always accompanied by the whole donkey family. Thank you!


Daily Walks and Visits all year around available. Best is to book 2 or 3 days in advance!


If you would like to have a more professional photo of you and the donkeys we will be happy to provide you one.

Minimum 2 adults per walk or visit. To inquire your appointment please look at our contact page.

We offer a discount for groups (6+ adults)!


!!!Riding only for children under the age of 5 and under 25 kilos!!!


The most important thing ;-):

Donkeys love carrots and those who give them.

 They eat easily 3 kilos, if you cut them into small pieces and prolong your enjoyment 😀



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Some photos for You: