About Us


Robert moved with 30 years from Germany to Andalusia, where he lived about 10 years in the Valle del Genal in the Sierranie de Ronda.

There he led a life close to nature in the midst of huge forests and after some time of retreat he began to produce and sell high-quality natural products such as olive oil, honey and dried fruits.

The demand grew and he bought his first donkey to support his work. But everything came differently. Unfortunately, this donkey could not help with the work, but gave still some.

It turned out that she was very badly maltreated and permanently damaged. Furthermore, suddenly alone she became depressed and needed company.

That was the beginning of Happy Donkeys.  Little by little more donkeys came to us and we lived a good time very happy in a dreamlike beautiful area.
It was a peaceful paradise with everything you need to be happy, about 15 kilometers away from the next small mountain village and therefore hardly anyone wanted to live there.
But times changed and civilization with its negative effects like air pollution and noise pollution came closer and closer.

When it became too much Robert went with Camaron and Lucia on a journey to find a new place to live, which lasted over three years and ended in Portugal.
He went through all nature parks of Andalusia. One year of it he did an intensive exploration of the largest nature park of Spain, the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.

Afterwards he went over the highest mountain on the mainland of Spain, the Mulhacen with 3482 meters of height.

At this time there were already 5 donkeys again, three were born on the journey. On the summit was rush. Many asked Robert what he did with the donkeys and when he told them many recommended to move to Portugal because of the best possible air quality and because of the mountains and the forest in the Serra de Monchique.

The air here is much better and there was a lot of support to establish the donkey conservation project in the Algarve.

Since three years there is the Happy Donkeys donkey sanctuary on the south side of the second highest mountain of the Algarve, the Picota on the way from the coast to the famous mountain village Monchique.

There is still extensive nature which is ideal for the unique donkey hikes with which Robert makes many people happy. Because the name program: Happy Donkeys.
It is quite simple, the happier and more satisfied the donkeys are, the better the energy they give and the happier everyone is.
You are very welcome to make this wonderful experience.

All the Best, Robert